Project was originaly initiated by one of the largest russian cellular carrier "MegaFon" as a value added service application. It's became open source as truly efficient way to improve the product.

Download and installation

Before download, please read the product license.

Application is installed with appropriate tool targeted for the device.

Version 0.9.1 - 2007/01/23


[player main menu [edit station screen] [on-line station repository]


Player is ready to use just after installation and there are some items prepared in the playlist. To play the station in playlist you need to highlight it using navigation keys and press "OK". After the key is preessed the message will appear showing that buffer is filling up with media data and playback will be started.

You are free to modify the playlist. By selecting "Add" menu item application will prompt a list of popular stations broadcasting over the Internet. Choose that one you are interested in and add it to your playlist. It is also possible to add custom station by enter its URL directly. Streaming stations are expected to use MP3 as content format.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Supported devices

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